Traditional Handmade Scottish Confectionary

Founded in 1989

About Threepwood Fayre handmade confectionery

Founded in 1989, Threepwood Fayre is a genuine cottage industry producing high quality hand made confections. We follow traditional Scottish recipies using our own natural spring water together with the finest of ingredients gathered from all over the world. All confections are entirely hand made in the traditional way in our dedicated facility at Lowhouse Cottage. 

Intentionally there is no uniformity in our product and absolutely no machinery is used as found with mass-produced confectionery. 

Each confection is therefore unique.

In addition to our local market, Royalty and Dignitaries from throughout the world have savoured Threepwood Fayre products. Now you too can enjoy a taste of Scotland wherever you are. 

 All bagged products are presented in sparkling 100g cellophane sacks that are tagged and tied with bright colour co-ordinated ribbon, then gift wrapped in a presentation box. All boxed confections are presented in gold and transparent boxes.  


Contact Us

Threepwood Fayre
Lowhouse Cottage
Threepwood Road
Beith, Ayrshire
KA15 2JR
T: +44 1505 503553
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