Traditional Handmade Scottish Confectionary

Founded in 1989

Product Descriptions

Traditional Scottish Tablet

A soft "Fudge" type of Tablet that melts in your mouth to produce a rich and comforting taste.

Mint Creams

A sharp Peppermint flavoured Fondant enclosed in a Dark Chocolate Flavoured Coating and topped with a Mint Fragment
Raspberry Ruffles

Rich tender coconut folded through a rich raspberry flavoured fondant and encased in a chocolate  flavoured coating.

Marzipan Petit Fours

Almond, raspberry, orange and lime coloured marzipan hand rolled and swirled into marbled sized balls.

Rum Truffles

The very essence of Jamaican rum celebrated in an island of rich truffle bound in chocolate vermicelli.

Chocolate Gingers

Dense pieces of crystallised stem ginger bound by a mysterious fudge and enclosed in a chocolate flavoured coating.

Chocolate Orange Fudge 

A rich galaxy of dreamy chocolate flavoured fudge laced with the melting essence of orange.

Mini Macaroon

Traditional Scottish Confection with a Cloud of Fondant encased in a Chocolate flavoured shell embedded with rich Toasted Coconut.

 Coffee Creams

A rich coffee flavoured fondant complemented with an orbit of chocolate flavoured coating and sealed with a roasted coffee bean.

Orange & Lime Fondant Creams

A complementary punch of citrus fruit creams encapsulated in a chocolate flavoured coating.

Violet Creams

A soft fondant enchanted with the fragrant aroma and bouquet of violet and enclosed in a Chocolate flavoured coating.

Rose Creams

The perfume of Rose Essence saturates this soft fondant centre enrobed in a Chocolate flavoured coating.

 Turkish Delight

A rich and mysterious Rose and Lemon Turkish delicacy, full of Eastern promise.

Strawberry Creams

A rich Strawberry Fondant enclosed in a Dark chocolate flavoured coating and topped with a strawberry flavoured pearl.



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